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Kenji Toshida

Real Name: Kenji Toshida
Alias: Twofold
Affiliation: none
Allies/Friends: Sifu Hsu (profile)
Enemies: none (yet)
Occupation: martial arts student
Height: 5"10 Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: brown (glowing red when in action)
Hair Color: black
Birthplace: Japan
Relatives: secret
Likes: practice, practice, practice
Dislikes: treachery, bullying
First appearance: (To Be Announced)

Artwork Gallery: here

Kenji Toshida doesn't speak much of his life before he became the pupil of the enigmatic-yet-jovial (and near-immortal) Sifu Hsu. What little is known that he was an only child and that his mother died before he began training. It's also known that he has always idolized heroic figures, especially the original Twofold, a superhero/ninja who ultimately sacrificed himself in a battle to save Japan. This fuels his intense drive to perfect his fighting skills. Master Hsu has taken Kenji to practice in the more secretive martial arts houses across the planet, some of which Hsu helped to start in his "youthful" days. Instead of just teaching Kenji the various powerful styles he knows, Hsu has allowed him to learn moves from the other styles so that Kenji will create his own style and legacy.
Abilities and Skills:
Kenji's fighting skills are far beyond a person of his age with some cases even surpassing that of teachers he learned from. His base fighting style is a variant of his teacher's style (including a mix Shaolin Five Animals and a multitude of seemingly lost arts). She is skilled with various kinds of both Japanese and Chinese weapons. His favorites are the katana, ninja-to and nunchuku.
Kenji was taught how to cause his eyes to glow with a red aura with the so-called Wolf's Eye Technique. A friend of Master Hsu, known only as Wolf Spirit, originally developed this as a method of seeing in the dark who later reserved this as more of an intimidation tactic once he found a non-glowing method. Of course, Kenji knows that, too. Kenji can also see the auras of others naturally and can even see people through relatively thing objects because of this. Many of these things are possible because Kenji was born with the ability to channel large amount of chi.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
The black and white sleeveless shinobi shozoku (outfit) is a homage to the original Twofold. Visible and hidden pouches this outfit contain shuriken, smoke bombs and healing herbs.
Comics featuring Kenji Toshida:
No comic links
Twofold was my fourth character and dates back to 1983. He originally looked like a superhero with the same taijitu (yin-yang symbol) motif and red goggles (where the glowing red eyes come from). He was inspired by the martial arts movies I watched as a kid right down to his outfit looking like taijitu symbol that I first saw in the intro to USA's Kung Fu Theater. Later on, I decided that this old version could serve as an earlier hero with the same name that could inspire Kenji. He's easily one of my favorite characters.
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