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Passion Tanaka

Real Name: Passion Tanaka
Alias: No other known alias
Affiliation: Tanaka Thoughtway group & House of Tanaka
Allies/Friends: Eva, BabyLove
Enemies: Parisia Chilton
Occupation: Various companies under the Tanaka Thoughtway group, House of Tanaka (fashion line),
Height: 5"7 Weight: ??? lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Birthplace: Kekipi Island
Area of Operations: Kekipi Island
Relatives: Kekipi Tanaka (father, deceased)
Likes: designing, edged weapons, freaking out the squares, parties, martial arts practice
Dislikes: conformity, laziness, shallowness, unoriginality, thievery, bullying
First appearance: To Be Announced

Artwork Gallery: here

Heiress to the financial and scientific empire of the late, great Kekipi Tanaka, many say that Passion also inherited her father's amazing intellect, business savvy and courage. In truth, those three qualities were earned the hard way. She was taught to fight by her father's bodyguard to fend off her bullies. Passion even led the charge to find those responsible for her father's murder, an act that has earned her the respect of those she'd deal with when taking over the company.

While some may question her creditability due to her thrill-seeking lifestyle and manner of dress, her detractors are constantly silenced by her ability to excel in anything that she applies her mind to. Besides the continued success of her fathers' companies, she also started a highly successful fashion line. Her House of Tanaka company also uses the highly durable fabric (SynthShell) invented by her father to create base or complete outfits used by many adventurers. She spends most of her time with a very tight-knit group of friends including her childhood friend Eva and ex-clubgoer BabyPop.
Abilities and Skills:
Passion is an "Inborn" with an enhanced healing factor It also makes her highly resistant to poisons and toxins even to the point that tattoo ink won't stay in her skin and piercings almost immediately heal over (which she found out the hard way).
Passion also has a second power that appears to be psychically based. Asking her about it only causes her to respond with a sly smile.
She is also skilled in various forms of martial arts and improves by training every two days. Her style is a home brew of various Japanese striking and grappling attacks with some Chin Na joint lock moves that loves to demonstrate on unruly party guests.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
When not conducting business, Passion wears outfits of her own design. Usually, they're made of some combination of black, shiny SynthShell and a breatheable fishnet SynthShell. Though she started wearing it as a test of the fishnet variation, it eventually became her signature look.
Comics featuring Passion Tanaka:
No comic links
Passion was created in 1990 but didn't get her signautre black shiny + fishnet look until a year later. She was made to be Twofold's 'Black Cat' (capable yet flirty female partner), inspired by Peter David's 80's run on Peter Parker. The hair going over one eye was a nod to Jessica Rabbit, even if it's the wrong eye.