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Amy Mao (Twofold) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

This is Amy Mao, a character from the Twofold comic and tomboyish student at the Five Eyes school. The pose comes from a Shaolin Five Animals book that I got as a gift years ago except that this is a slightly different view. This is the standard student uniform except for the addition of the sneakers. Those were added because all of the traditional outfits in the book kept causing people to think that the story didn't take place in modern times.

This is another one of those pictures that I had to draw twice. The first attempt suffered from my concentration on trying to replicate an alternate angle of the pose and trying to get various outfit details right. The second picture benefits from loosening up even if the pose didn't turn out right.
Alternate Versions:
B&W Horrible first version
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Amy Mao