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Sean Chan, Secret Awesome Pres and site improvements
September 12th, 2010 by James Beaver
Sean Chan from my Twofold comic Secret Awesome President drawn in my comic book style

Sean Chan finally gets a profile picture and design update that will stick. I had a prelim loose pencil version of this nearly finished last week but I wanted to take some time with it and give him a really good picture. He rates highly enough to show up in the Illmosis Scrapbook so he needs a good picture for it. I’m satisfied with how that one turned out so I can finally cross that picture off the Redemption List. People had nice things to say about Secret Awesome President’s pic last week but I forgot to put up a clear version of his teaser picture from January of this year. It’s in my usual serious art style so it’s a bit different than his latest picture.

The site got some improvements this week, too. The main index pages for the Twofold, Nutroll and G.I.JOE section index pages now have the WordPress news updates instead of the old CuteNews new bits that stopped long ago. There are now news categories for those three things and I manually transferred a few of the old CuteNews updates so those pages have more than this post. I also used Dreamhost’s installers to upgrade the PHP to version 5 so please let me know if you see anything on the site bugging out.

ScrollBoss’ last update featured the Simons SFA-style sprite pack joining Bred and Dug in the Custom Sprite Downloads section with those two also getting some fixes and improvements. Please download them again if you downloaded them before last Friday.

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The Baroness: now in two flavors!
October 24th, 2009 by James Beaver
the Baroness in distraction mode.the Baroness in distraction mode.

Yes, I finally finished coloring a Baroness picture for the first time since that 2002 test portrait for the aborted M.U.G.E.N. character that wasn’t finished but manages to get linked to a lot. Not only is the regular version finished but so is a version based on her appearance in the Crimson Strike Team convention set.

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Baroness (again) and Captain America
May 24th, 2009 by James Beaver
Captain America runs into the fraythe Baroness in distraction mode.

New things were uploaded around 2 PM before leaving the house but I’m just getting around to doing this write up. Not much to say here, really. Baroness was redrawn AGAIN and will get further digital fixing. The all-new, all-runnin’, all-about-to-whup-dat-behind pic of the week is of Captain America. I like how that turned out. I drew him almost at random but it seems fitting for a Memorial Day weekend update.

I’d have done more but I took time to break off a few pixels for semi-secret ScrollBoss game site update. Take care and I’ll see you next week.

Update 2008 May 25:

the Baroness in distraction mode.

And by next week I mean the next day. I turned the graphics card back on last night, made some digital fixes and smoothed the pic out at scan size. I tried to do a bit more work this afternoon but the computer started messing up so I had to shut the card off again. Even doing the base color for the pic was difficult thanks to the slowdown that happens with certain features while that card is off.

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Big Lob makes his move!
March 8th, 2009 by James Beaver
Big Lob is ready to make his move!

Big Lob is now in full color. That’s pretty much it because I spent a lot of time on a big ScrollBoss update. I added quite a few Sega Sprite Edits to the site so Sega fans may want to check that out too.

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Big Lob,Stargeant and Batmobile
March 1st, 2009 by James Beaver
Big Lob is ready to make his move!
the Stargent leads the way to adventure!
Lego Batmobile based on the Super Powers/mid 1980's Batmobile.

Sorry for the lateness of the update (nearly 1 AM EST) but the website hosting company, Dreamhost, had some major problems on Sunday. As you’ll see, this isn’t the only technical problem I’ve had today.

In this update, Big Lob makes his move! That’s right, Big Lob makes the jump from the animated G.I.JOE movie to fan art which… is a step down, really. But here’s still here and in base color mode! Plus, another one of my characters appears. The Stargeant is another “early age” character who operated in the days before now. He’s just in black and white for now because I’m still thinking of the color scheme.

Here come the second and third technical glitches of the day. The new batteries that I put into the camera allowed me to take some pictures of the Batmobile. Three pictures. Why only three? Because the batteries died in less than three minutes. No joke. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem because hooking it up to the PC powers it back up and I can get the pics off. Normally. Now I can’t get the pics off it because that’s messing up now. The camera just may be too far gone now and it’ll be a looooooong time before I’ll have enough money to replace it. So, once again, no pictures of the updated Lego Batmobile.

Hopefully, next week’s update goes smoother than this one did.

edit: I got the Batmobile pics off the camera and just added them to the site.

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