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When I was a kid, I'd take zillions of photos of my Joes, but never get my film developed for some reason or other. Now that I've got a digital camera, no development is needed and I can post them here. Until I feel like making this area look better, I'm just going to post some random stuff for now.

Old 2001 pic taken while at Raijin-Z's house with his camera. This will probably be the best picture in here until I get a digital camera that actually has a manual focus and I have access to a place where I can take pics outside without a bunch of slack-jawed gawkers. In other words: never.

So there was this fun thing going on with the Sgt. Savage (now JoeBattlelines site) where a Sgt. Savage figure was sent from person to person and people had to take pictures of it and send it to the next person on the list. When my friend Jay (a.k.a. Edgefind) had it, he brought it to my house and I took some pics of it. While the first pic features him chilling with my custom figures, the next pic shows why I had to buy Cobra troops. Sgt. Savage: snappin' necks and cashin' large checks like EPMD.

Except for the animated version, I haven't been much of a Batman fan for years. But the Microman Batman figure made me more of one. So here he is beating up on some Cobra forces.

all G.I.JOE and Cobra characters © 2004 Hasbro. Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman © DC Comics. Microman © Takara. All photography work © James Beaver. Please don't use photos without permission.