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The Entity (Various) - 1996
Artwork by James Beaver

Every character in this picture was a character in my comic book universe back in 1996.The character in the front is the Entity, an energy based being who usually takes a human-like shape. I'd tell you more, but I'd be blowing a lot of future plotlines. The same goes for most of the characters that you can see in the 'observation spheres' in the background. Twofold is easy to find, but you can only see the top of Nutroll's yellow head while inside his cell. You can also see other characters of mine like the Ice Cream Man, M-Wave, Ace of Clubs, and even a few future characters that were only forshadowed.

One thing that I enjoyed doing here was playing with the fact that some of these characters are in the same place and you see the other characters from a different view. If you look at the red, white and blue characters, it's a bit obvious that they're in the same scene. The other one is a bit trickier. If you look along the top of the picture, you'll see two female characters in green outfits standing back-to-back in a bar. See the guy in the grey trenchcoat that's standing behind them? That's Coltrane, who has his own bubble elsewhere. Once my universe gets organized again, expect a remake of this one.

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