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Exponent (Exponent) - 2008
Artwork by James Beaver

This is Exponent, one of my oldest characters who clocked into existance at around 1987 or so. I could never think of a good outfit for her until the late 90's when she first got an outfit that looked much like this one. Since then I've only made minor tweaks and this picture here has a few recent ones. I changed the gloves since they were too similar to the ones her fellow Vigilant member Ace of Clubs wears. Then again, she'll be one of those heroines who loves costume changes and her friendship with designer Passion Tanaka will give her access to more (and free) outfits. She still has letters of her name mixed in with her outfit's design to make her look a bit more old-schoolian but her boot and glove tops have the whatever-grade random patterns of more modern outfits.
Alternate Versions:
Base color B&W with alt. arms design
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