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Illmosis Flyer 2010 (Various) - 2010
Artwork by James Beaver

I realized that I didn't have any business cards to hand out at the then-approaching All AmeriCon convention. I ordered some online and had to use the cheapest shipping since I knew I'd be broke from getting art prints made. I still needed something to hand out at the con. Thinking sideways (as always), I immediately thought of making a party flyer for the Illmosis site. I looked up some old-school Hip-Hop party flyers by cats like Phase 2 and Buddy Esquire for inspiration. This was a rush job with the stars made quickly in Blender and the pictures were mostly old clips. The picture of me in the corner was drawn a few years back but I never colored it until I worked on this picture. Endless Duck (from the Silver Surfer pic I did for the Minus World section) represents ScrollBoss here since he's my character and there won't be copyright hassles. I thought this would go over like a lead balloon but people really seem to dig it. Oddly enough, the business cards DID get here in time for the convention.
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