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Illmosis Flyer 2011 (Various) - 2011
Artwork by James Beaver

This is the second flyer I've done that echoes the classic Hip-Hop party flyers. The layout is mostly based on a flyer I saw that was probably done by Buddy Esquire.
Alternate Versions:
Brody Lawler jumpkick sprite Comparison between the jumpkick sketch and larger tracing of it for the sprite. The first version of the middle circle. OOPS. Had to add Phenomenon to cover that up!
Content Tags:
flyer hero heroine nutroll twofold mainuniverse vigilants
Ace of Clubs II , Almighty Grandmaster Wizard , Blackfist , Endless Duck , the Entity , Exponent , Maceo , M-Wave , Nutroll , Passion Tanaka , Sheriff Warner , Twofold , Upski Daisy