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Pixelart: Horror vs. Horror (Horror movies) - 2015
Artwork by James Beaver

Friends at the AllAmeriCon 2014 convention said that I should try making some pixel art prints. That thought popped up in my head again a few months later after I'd made a bunch of horror flick sprites for ScrollBoss' DangerTerrorHorrorThon Halloween updates. It was fun making so many horror sprites, so making a horror-themed select screen as a print seemed like a good idea. I could have at least two sprites facing off against each other and then have a crapload of cameos in the select boxes. I showed what I thought would be the finished version to Rob 'Dire51' Strangman and he asked about Ash Williams, a character I avoided because I suck at likenesses. I took a shot at spriting him and didn't botch it, so I kept him in. This led to making more replacements for characters that were just cropped sprites in the early version, including the Carrie pic that replaced Pamela Voorhees. I'll make a bigger and more cameo-filled horror screen if this one does well.

BTW: Those skulls in the background will be seen again later this year on the ScrollBoss site...
Alternate Versions:
Jason SFA3 versus portrait Ash's select portrait
Content Tags:
villain hero horror pixelart
Jason Voorhees , Freddy Krueger