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Legend of Zelda - pixel (Nintendo) - 2016
Artwork by James Beaver

Being a fan of the original Legend of Zelda back when it first hit the NES, I feel a need to keep representing that first game, partially because most fan art won't venture past anything before Ocarina of Time. Respriting this scene has been on my to-do list for years and it feels good to finally have it done. I have NO idea what the labyrinth statues are supposed to be or if they're something that popped up in later games, so I just embellished on those original NES sprites. The Link and Zelda designs are based on art for the original game and you can see more sprites (and an early version of the background's floor) by clicking the Link or Zelda character tags on this page. I tried to make the rays of the Triforce look a bit like a Super Nintendo bright layer effect. You'll eventually see more of this scene on my ScrollBoss site.
Content Tags:
hero nintendo pixelart
Link (LoZ) , Zelda (LoZ)