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screens - DangerTerrorHorrorThon (ScrollBoss) - 2014
Artwork by James Beaver

**gets out world's tiniest violin**

September 2014. I'd been nagged by an arm/back injury since May, lost both time and momentum due to an apartment move in August (which also made that injury worse), and I felt, on many levels, as if I'd taken an Aunt Bunny-like tumble down the stairs. What irritated me the most is that it felt like I was letting all these personal things slow things down on the website and I was letting people down. The best way to fix that was to make the Halloween update at ScrollBoss into a bigger thing. Thinking about the "Monster Iller Horror Theatre" updates I did on a few years ago (and want to do again, if Halloween falls on a weekend) led to thinking of the "DANGER TERROR !!!!!! HORROR" password from Kid Icarus. I searched to see if anyone else had used it and turned up nothing, so I called it the "DangerTerrorHorrorThon." The 2014 was a fluke. I'd typed the words out in a Beans vs. Cornbread fake TV screen template I made with PaintShop Pro X5 and was scrolling through the fonts to see if there was anything I liked. Just before I was about to stop, I ran into the H74 Damien font I bought from "Legacy of Defeat" and it fit perfectly. That part where the letter R connects on different rows did that naturally and barely needed any touch-up work. That font saved the entire concept for me. I tried to make a screen that looked like an actual movie marathon and I think I got pretty close. I wanted to make a simple animated version of this, but I ran out of time for the final update, partially because I came up with the "Friday the 31st" screen idea and worked on that. Expect an animated version of this next year, though.

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