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sprites - Gauntlet - fight-sized (Atari) - 2014
Artwork by James Beaver

This first batch of hero sprites was mostly based on the select screen portraits from the NES game by Tengen, though the Questor the Elf's pose was changed up quite a bit. Merlin the Wizard and Thyra the Valkyrie were done when I wasn't in a rush, so I kept work progress shots for each. I made a few different versions of the sprites based on the official arcade art, the intro screen for Gauntlet II and the NES portraits I mentioned before.

The maze was made in Blender, though I made a quick, cheap sky in PSPX5 for the background. This first version is based on Gauntlet II level 1, mostly because it looks a bit like the Gauntlet II's intro screen.
Alternate Versions:
2014 Thyra NES pose work progress 2014 Merlin NES pose work progress Merlin, all versions Questor, all versions Thor, all versions , all versions Gauntlet II background for the ScrollBoss GFX Generators Blender set-up for the 384 x 224 pixel version of the background
Content Tags:
hero atari pixelart
Merlin (Gauntlet) , Questor (Gauntlet) , Thor (Gauntlet) , Thyra (Gauntlet)