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Ninja Gaiden Sprites (Tecmo) - 2014
Artwork by James Beaver

Ryu's NES stance and Irene's first two gun holding stances (the aimed stance is based on her NG1 cutscene debut) were made during the Revenge of 1989 theme on ScrollBoss. I'd made sprite edits (using Capcom's fighting game sprites of Strider Hiryu and Chun-Li as bases) of Ryu and Irene a long time ago and I used those as size and color reference for making these.

The Hockey Mask enemy sprites were made for a Friday the 13th-themed update Feb. 2015 on ScrollBoss. I'd made one of the masked T-shirt guy for an earlier Friday the 13th update, but didn't really like how it turned out. I used the new t-shirt sprite as a base to make the axe-carrying version that appears in the NES game.
Alternate Versions:
Ryu NES stance work progress Irene Lew pose 1 linework Drone enemies
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Ryu Hayabusa , Irene Lew