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Tyris Flare sprites (Golden Axe) - 2012-2014
Sprite work by James Beaver

Fight stance v.1 (2012) - Tyris Flare's fighting stance sprite was part of the ScrollBoss 12th Anniversary update. She had won a poll on the site all the way back when it was on Angelfire for a while, so she's the unofficial female rep of the site. I made an edit of her magic use pose long ago (using Capcom's fighting game Psylocke sprite site, I think), but I wanted to make this tricky pose from scratch. I used most of the colors from that edit.

Select screen v.1 (2014) - I drew this one on paper first and traced a shrunken version of it. It borrows a lot of colors from the 2012 sprite, but I'll eventually resprite that fighting stance to fit better with this sprite's look.
Alternate Versions:
Select stand work progress Tyris fight stand, v.1 Fighting Stance Work Progress animation
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Tyris Flare