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Twofold vs. Kozhezub (Twofold) - 2011
Artwork by James Beaver

This was a commissioned piece with my character, Twofold, fighting with Field Captain General Kozhezub, a character created by GraphiteSTALKER (whose deviantART profile can be found here). The requested pose is based on a picture by HappyHarry for a Kung Tai Ted review. I'm not used to coloring in this style unless I'm using markers, and I honestly think that using markers is easier. You can probably tell that I had fun drawing Kozhezub's face, as I tried to give him a grizzled look that I rarely get to draw. I may try some grayscale marker/computer coloring techniques if I ever have to color like this again.
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Kenji Toshida (Twofold)