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Twofold issue 01 - page 2 prototype (Twofold) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

I wanted to show something special for date of 9/9/09 since the number nine is said to be a lucky number for ninja. His section has been really neglected once I started on the Nutroll stuff so I thought this would be a nice thing to do on triple 9 day. Since I didn't have enough time to finish designing everything for issue one, I thought I'd draw the second page first since that's where the action starts. You'll see in the final version that Twofold's teacher, Master Hsu, is the person talking in the captions. The main set-up for panels 2 and 3 was drawn on one sheet of paper then traced onto the comic board. I tried to incorporate the slash into the panel borders because the original way I plotted this out just took too dang long just to set up Kenji attacking one person. I also thought that it may cause people to think, "What the ?!" right along with the two guys in the following panel. The page still needs some work and a few spots need to be re-inked because the thinner lines aren't scanning well.
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Kenji Toshida (Twofold) , Master Hsu , Shinkirou Kage