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Twofold - Speedline cut (Twofold) - 1992
Artwork by James Beaver

Not only is this is the first color Twofold pinup but it's one of the few pics from the early 90's that I'm not 100% ashamed of. I was still trying to make a transition from my cartoony drawing style to the main serious style that I use now. Everything from the speedline background to the blood was heavily influenced by the "Hokuto No Ken" OVA I bought at a convention a year or two early. The idea of using blood as motion trails (instead of just for the sake of blood) and cutting multiple opponents in one swipe became a standard Twofold visual starting with this picture. This picture was colored with Berol Prismacolor markers at a time that I couldn't find a marker with an accurate skin tone for him. Also: those ninja he's cutting are just generic no-names.
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Kenji Toshida (Twofold)