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Random Cover sketches 1996 (Various) - 1996
Artwork by James Beaver

I have tons of little sketch pages here and there of things that I planned to fully draw. I found this one while looking for old Twofold material and was shocked to find one page with that much decent stuff on it with two ideas being made into full pictures. The Twofold pic here was titled "Winds of Change" because I wanted one pic of him for each of the 5 elements. "Just Hangin' Out" was probably named for the Main Source song and has Sean Chan, Amy Mao and Gordon Wu from the Twofold comic. The Nutroll sketch went on to be a pin-up that was turned into Nutroll:the Illness page 2. The following two sketches cover ideas for the ashcan with the Entity, M-Wave and Ace of Clubs but the final version adds Nutroll since a preview of "Escapism" was added to the book. You can barely make out the 6th pic but it's of my supergroup, the Vigilants. The pic in the lower left corner is a picture of Passion Tanaka that should've been drawn as a big picture. In fact, I think I'll make that happen soon. Hard 'Nock (as he was known then) and Phenomenon had pics here that got the mosaic treatement since they're not supposed to be unmasked yet. That Hard Knock pic will probably get drawn, too.
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