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Vigilants (Vigilants) - 1999
Artwork by James Beaver

Here's an older picture of my main superhero group, the Vigilants. They were originally "The Protectors" back when I was a kid (After the Jackie Chan flick, I think) but I changed the name once I heard about the Malibu Comics book. The top row features Longway (then called Longfellow), Mindsight, and Batterram. The bottom row features the original 'powered-down' form of Phenomenon, Ace of Clubs and Exponent. This was the 'starting' team line-up as of 1999 and it's how they roll before a big battle brings some other characters into the group. In fact, this is just about how they'll start off in the rewritten version of their stories that'll I'm hoping to do in 2008.
Why is Phenomenon's face blurred? First I HATED how his face turned out. Plus, I think a few people will get the reference once you see his new design.
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Ace of Clubs II , Batterram , Exponent , Longway , Mindsight , Phenomenon