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pixel art - Horrifight 2: A New Age of Terror (Horror) - 2018
Artwork by James Beaver

Back when I posted the 2015 "Horror vs. Horror" pixel art picture, I said, "I'll make a bigger and more cameo-filled horror screen if this one does well." This is (finally) it. I wasn't joking about the cameos, because here's a list of characters in the select screen:
Row 1: Pamela Voorhees, "Mrs. Bates," and "Graveyard Zombie" (NotLD)
Row 2: Leatherface, Chop Top, Regan MacNeil, Elvira, the Toxic Avenger
Row 3: Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Tiffany, Ghostface, Laurie Strode, Carl Kolchak, Nancy Thompson
Row 3: the Tall Man, Jason, Michael/the Shape, Dr. West, Dr. Loomis, Tommy Jarvis, Ash Williams
Row 4: Blade (PM), Miner (MBV),Ol' Button Face(Nightbreed), Pinhead/Priest (Hellraiser), Shuna Sassi (Nightbreed), Frankenhooker, Det. Cameron (Night of the Creeps)
Row 5:Pennywise, Candyman, Nancy Downs(the Craft), Sadako, Carrie White, Selene, Rudy (Monster Squad)
Row 6: Satanico (FDtD), Evil Ed, Tarman, Trash (RotLD), Peter (D.o.t.Dead),Peter Vincent, Buffy
Row 7: Sam (Trick 'r Treat), Horace Pinker (Shocker), Leprechaun, Mulder & Scully, El (Stranger Things)
Row 8: Pumpkinhead, Critters, Killer Klowns f. Outer Space, Burt (Tremors), Jeryline (Demon Knight)
Row 9:Victor Crowley (Hatchet), Angela (Sleepaway Camp), Marybeth (Hatchet)
The original was mad science, made with sprites and portraits originally created from scratch to fit in with Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha and Darkstalkers scale sprites. This version was made from the ground up to be in the same scale, but the lighting is a bit different, and everything else is hopefully better. Jason, Freddy, and Michael/the Shape were picked as the unholy trinity of the eras this print covers. Ash Williams was picked because Ash vs. Jason would be an entertaining fight (one we almost got to see in a proposed crossover) and because he's Ash. Elvira's there because, besides her "Unpleasant Dreams" catchphrase, imagine the smack talk going on between those two. I'd pay money just to hear that! I drew linework for both Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode (from the original Halloween), sprited Loomis first and realized it'd be better to not have another character in all blue in the picture. Don't worry, I'm still going to sprite Laurie. I've got plans for alternate versions of this if this pic does well.

The 17 x 11 inch print is available from the Prints page!
Alternate Versions:
Character set 1, Cabin of the Evil Dead stage select
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Jason Voorhees , Freddy Krueger , The Shape, Michael Meyers , Ash Williams , Elvira , Dr. Loomis