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Sheol sprites (Sheol) - 2011
Artwork by James Beaver

These sprites were commissioned by Aaron Pinsky, a friend who wanted sprites of the characters he created for his "Sheol" story. He has a public post on the Tekken Nation board dedicated to the story that you can find in this link. I asked Aaron to give me something to post about his characters and that's what follows:
Areva Petchyindee: a Muay Thai Princess torn between love and vengeance, searching for the man that broke her heart and burned down her village. Though normally kind and compassionate, she has a tendency to become wild and violent in the heat of battle, as if she gets a rise out of it...

Keiichi Kobashi: a former Yakuza prince turned high-ranking member of the international crime syndicate Sheol. Once considered cold and heartless, this young shoot wrestler is no longer sure that usurping the throne of Sheol's leader is what he really wants, as noted from the tassel he received from someone close to him.

Sarah Taylor: A Tae Kwon Do ace from Australia known as "the Rose of the Outback" for her unbridled passion for battle and untamed free spirit as wild as the flowers in her homeland. Sarah prepares for the Olympics after losing her temper the last time she was there, searching the world for the "perfect coach."

Felix Esquerra: A popular boxer from Spain known for his good looks and exceptional agility, Felix longs to become world champion. To that end, he accepted work from Sheol as a debt collector and leg breaker. Now that he's finally gained his championship match, Felix is looking to break away from the organization so that he can win on his own merits rather than win from illegal means.

Xiahou Ren: A soldier of fortune who utilizes his chiseled frame and military training to fulfill contracts. Known for his willingness to stoop to any low for a nice paycheck, Ren has been contracted by the Chinese Triads to locate and subjugate the leader of Sheol.

Ulisse: An Aikido master once known as the Iron Curtain of Venice, Ulisse now uses his experience in martial arts as a psychologist specializing in those who make their living through fighting. When several of his patients begin speaking of Sheol, Ulisse's blood stirs again as he resumes searching for the true meaning of competition.

Fredrick Steinwald: an Interpol detective from Germany trained in the art of 'Silent Scan Ninjutsu,' a special covert division of Interpol that gathers information and fights crime from the shadows. Though talkative and prone to acting from his heart rather than from his brain, Fredrick has been trusted with the task of uncovering the identity of the leader of Sheol and bringing him to justice.

Tony Wilton: A former Olympic gold medalist from the UK, Tony rose to the top of the professional wrestling world after a scandal banned him from future Olympic tryouts. When Sheol begins meddling in the affairs of his promotion, Tony uses the opportunity to showcase his power and acumen by announcing that he'll be the one to take down Sheol's leader...and perhaps find a new recruit to give him a fresh main event match at the upcoming Grapplemania.
Alternate Versions:
Areva Areva Sarah Taylor Felix Esquerra Xiahou Ren Ulisse Fredrick Steinwald
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Areva Petchyindee , Keiichi Kobashi