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Ace of Clubs

Real Name: Elise Russell
Alias: Ace of Clubs
Affiliation: none (yet)
Allies/Friends: Batterram (profile), Exponent (profile), Longway (profile), Mindsight (profile), Passion Tanaka (profile)
Height: 5 feet 8 inches Weight: ??? lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Relatives: Hoyt Russell (father and Ace of Clubs I), (the Red Queen)

Artwork Gallery: here

The daughter of the original Ace of Clubs and the Red Queen, Elise has the tenacity and fighting skills of her father tempered by the intelligence and analytical skills of her mother. Elise grew up around the heroes of the Alliance of Vigil in the earlier heroic age and aspired to be one of them nearly her entire life. After the loss of her mother, the retirement of her father and the end of that heroic age, Elise still trained to become the new Ace of Clubs. Although she was just a teenager at the time, she was one of the key heroes who helped to usher in the new heroic age. She is currently trying to build a team similar to the Alliance of Vigil.
Abilities and Skills:
the Ace of Clubs uses her own personal fighting style that is a blend of many martial arts but is adept at recognizing and countering most of the known so-called pure fighting systems. Along with the lessons from her father, one of the greatest crimefighters of his era, she has also learned from many other veteran crime-fighters, detectives and adventurers. She also seems to have inherited her father's famous Sixth Sense which seems to be even strong and possibly boosted by having a slightly more advanced brain like her mother.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
Nunchaku (built and designed by Shawn "Master of Weapons" Coltrane). Stun Pistol slightly based on the same technology used in the Red Queen's Stun Sceptre. Prototype chromaskin 0.5 uniform created by Passion Tanaka with the ability to change color and pattern along with slight armoring qualities.
Comics featuring Ace of Clubs:
No comic links
Ace was created some time around 1989 (possibly 1988) and was a member of my main superhero group when they were still called the Protectors. She started with a silver outfit which was changed it to white and black in the early 1990's but her current outfit could be either style. Adding the idea that her father was a hero before she was was the first time I started adding a true past to this superhero universe. The superhero group never had a true leader until the 90's and she got the spot due to her skill set and temperment.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)