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Dr. Sakimoto

Real Name: Tamara Sakimoto
Alias: Tam (nickname)
Affiliation: Institute of Extra-Science Studies
Allies/Friends: Dr. Sylvia Gaines, M-Wave (profile), Exponent (profile)
Enemies: no enemies
Occupation: Researcher and Therapist.
Height: 5"6 Weight: she won't tell
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Relatives: unnamed mother, father and sister
Likes: fishing, puzzles, painting, children, silence (those last two seem to cancel each out, BUT STILL)
Dislikes: obnoxious people, loud people, loud anything, people who think she knows Karate 'just because'
First appearance: Nutroll: the Illness

Artwork Gallery: here

Dr. Tamara Sakimoto was considered one of the brightest wunderkind in both inborn/super-human science and psychology. She currently works at the Institute of Extra-Science Studies under the supervision of her idol, Dr. Gaines. Her knowledge of both psychology and inborn physiology makes her a great assett. Her inborn ability to create force fields gives her an edge since she's able to protect herself and others from any rampaging super-humans. One of her current projects is how a person's mental state can alter their inborn powers. She has used this knowledge to help a variety of inborns from a woman whose duplicates are exaggerated versions of her current emotional state to a man who appears to be superpowered based on the belief that he is British (even though he probably isn't). She is also a highly-sought guest and consultant for various news shows.
Abilities and Skills:
Sakimoto is able to generate strong spherical 'force fields' around herself and others. The shields' full strength (currently seen as enough to fully stop a bazooka shell, retains it's full strength at 4 feet around her body. The full extent of this power has yet to be tested.

More than anything else, Tamara's main asset is her mind. While it's not augmented by inborn super powers, her intellect and reasoning skills are extraordinary even in comparison to others in her fields of expertise.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
Besides all of the assorted state-of-the-art equipment used in checking the powers of her patients, Tamara still prefers using a regular pen and paper for many of her personal notes.
Comics featuring Dr. Sakimoto:
No comic links
Even though I have Tamara here listed as a Nutroll character, her job with the Dr. Gaines means that she pops up in quite a few other places, too. She got her start in the original Nutroll preview (a.k.a. Escapism).