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Real Name: Jennifer Jacobs
Alias: Exponent
Allies/Friends: Ace of Clubs II (profile), Batterram (profile), Longway (profile), Mindsight (profile), Dr. Tamara Sakimoto (profile)
Height: 5 feet 9 inches Weight: 1?? lbs.
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: red
Relatives: Matt Jacobs (Father), Jackie Munroe (mother)
Likes: Music
Dislikes: Snobs, gossip columnists, douchebag music journalists, music executives.

Artwork Gallery: here

Jennifer Jacobs is the daughter of two unmarried musicians: Matt Jacobs of the Unlikelies and Jackie 'Lemoney' Munroe of all-girl group called THE JAMM. She spent most of her young life bouncing back and forth between the two parents and rarely had a chance to play with children her own age. Those who know her say that her loneliness and extreme desire to be in more than one place at once triggered her inborn super power much earlier than most powered humans. She often made duplicates to be playmates and would often create enough to them to be a one-kid band which caused her to become very skilled with multiple musical instruments.

She began to acquire more powers during her teenage years and also developed a side-effect that her duplicates were exaggerated versions of how she felt at the time the duplicate was made. She went to the Institute of Extra-Science Studies where Dr. Sylvia Gaines and Tamara Sakimoto (before she was a doctor) helped her master those powers and control the condition of her duplicates. The Institute paid for her costume (one of the first to be designed by Passion Tanaka) and money from both of her parents and her own music gigs paid for her expensive Crimefighter license. She is currently a freelance crimefighter but often teams up with a super-group that the current Ace of Clubs is trying to put together. Jennifer is best friends with Mindsight, another hero on Ace's team, and Heatflash, an Inborn she met at the Institute.
Abilities and Skills:
Exponent is an Inborn with strength, durability and endurance that are far beyond those of even normal humans in peak physical condition. Her main power is the ability to create up to five duplicates of herself with each taking a bit of power away from her. They return to her as energy if they take too much damage or as an act of will of either person. One side effect of the power is that her emotional state at the time of duplication has an effect on the dupe. A dupe will be a coward if she's too fearful or could go on a rampage if she's too angry. She has learned to control this in most situations and has even learned how to turn this to her advantage. Her ability to make dupes in copies of her clothing slowly faded as she aged for unknown reasons. Experts believe that her power can duplicate only so much mass and that it was easier to copy the clothing when all she had to duplicate was a little kid. This never explains why it used to copy her clothing but never what was in her pockets or hands.
Comics featuring Exponent:
No comic links
Exponent was my first female superhero and was made around 1984 or 1985. She never had a solid outfit design then but I always gave her a red and blue outfit because none of my other characters had that combination. Her hair was randomly blond or brunette until I made her a redhead as a reference to the television character that I got her power from. She didn't have a decent design until the early 90's when I made her first outfit with a capital E jammed into it. Every outfit since has been based on it and it became one of my favorite designs.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)