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Real Name: Gary Grove
Alias: D.J. Graham Groove (deejay name), Longway (crimefighter)
Allies/Friends: Ace of Clubs (profile), Batterram (profile), Exponent (profile), Mindsight (profile)
Occupation: Radio D.J.
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Likes: Soul Music, vinyl records

Artwork Gallery: here

Longway was one of the few true crimefighters who went against the federal license mandate before that system collapsed into villainy. He was one of the heroes that a teenaged Ace of Clubs II gathered together to fight the villainous rampage that led to the abolishment of the licensed crimefighter era. Much like the radio deejay persona that he uses at his day job, Longway is known for always being calm under pressure and for having sound advice for any situation.
Abilities and Skills:
Longway has the ability to stretch his body at will much like putty. This makes him extremely durable and very difficult to injure. He is also able to absorb a limited amount of energy and can channel it through his body if he has absorbed enough of it. He can store this energy for a short amount of time before it starts to cause him intense pain.
Comics featuring Longway:
No comic links
Longway started off as a Longfellow, a villain that I made up when I recreated my comic characters with Lego Minifigs around 1984. He came from an experiment where I made a stretchy-looking minifig by putting a regular 1 x 2 brick on the legs, slapping a hinged 1 x 2 brick on the upper torso and connecting the two. He was too cool to be a villain so I made him a good guy and he quickly joined my drawn comic universe. Something always made me think that a stretchy character would loose and laid back and that led to him being a "Quiet Storm" style radio deejay. Even though they were two of my favorites, Longfellow and Exponent didn't have 'old-school filecards' because I didn't like their outfits then. It wasn't until 1993 or 1994 that they got any definitive design. I'm not sure if it was a conscious decision to give him the same colors as the Cleveland Cavs had at the time.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)