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Real Name: Original name (if any) unknown
Alias: Nutroll, Mr. Roll, No. 9103, The G-Building's Favorite Son, The Oddest Working Man in Show Business, Mr. Peas Peas and far too many others to list here.
Affiliation: unknown
Allies/Friends: unknown
Enemies: unknown
Occupation: Unpaid weirdo
Height: More than 3 apples high Weight: unknown
Eye Color: Unknown (wears goggles)
Hair Color: Unknown (wears mask)
Birthplace: Parts Unknown
Relatives: unknown
Likes: Making trouble, blowing minds, all things made of fun.
Dislikes: Order, confinement.
First appearance: Nutroll: the Illness

Artwork Gallery: here

While only a few individuals knew of his existance, he'd been seen in brief glimpses by those who were in the right place at the right time. Various unexplained events like public chases through major cities, strange cameos in the backgrounds of videotaped events and mysterious internet postings just seemed to be coincidence, a prank or a publicity stunt. All of that changed one April Fool's Day when a confusing, strange video appeared in the middle of a National News Channel (NNC) broadcast. Originally thought to be a joke by the video crew, the video feed came from an unknown source from outside the studio. Though cycled out of the headlines in less than a month, the incident started a chain of events that will lead to far more than the source of the mysterious video. In fact, the lives of all those directly involved will be changed forever. Dramatic, ain't it?
Abilities and Skills:
Nutroll's array of powers seems to be as wide as he is strange. He appears to be a shape-shifter who can transform into other things that are roughly his size and shape. There is footage of him surviving after injuries that would instantly kill any normal person or even those with unnaturally advanced healing factors. He's incredibly fast, agile and may possess more powers than anyone could ever realize.
Gear, Equipment, etc.:
Outfit includes a mask, goggles, a custom straitjacket and chunky strapped boots.
Comics featuring Nutroll:
Nutroll: the Illness, Nutroll: the Illness (unfinished 2007), Nutroll - Escapism Preview (1998-1999)
Nutroll was made in 1991 as a completely different kind of character and the only things that remain are the mask and the boots. Nutroll gets his name from one of Robert Townsend's "Partners In Crime" specials on HBO. His powers were inspired by watching Beetlejuice and that Porky Pig "Wackyland" cartoon.
Profile gallery (including art that isn't in the main site galleries)