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Big Lob (G.I.JOE) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

Appearing only in the 1987 animated G.I.JOE movie, Big Lob exists on the edge of being obscure because he only appared once and never had an official figure. He's been on my must-draw list for a long time but I had to find my DVD to take reference snapshots. The main thing that I had trouble with was that Funky 3 Corners afro he has in the cartoon. I toned that down a little bit but I hope he still looks like good ol' Big Lob. I also had a problem trying to get a pose that I was happy with. You can see how crazy I went with it by checking out the pencilled version. One more problem was trying to get a grenade-holding pose that didn't look stupid but didn't fully hide the grenade.
Alternate Versions:
Base color mode Pencils with a completely different head!
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Big Lob