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villainess tag gallery page 1
2018 pic of 2k-era Catwoman about to use that whip. Pixel art group shot of some infamous Gotham City villains fighting game-style sprites of villains from DC Comics. Various villains from Marvel Comics in sprite form Scratch-made sprites of the Ghost Monsters from Pac-Man Marvel's villain-turned-hero Diamondback in sprite form A Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2 Sue, the female ghost from the Pac-Man video games
Treat's 2009 character profile art Tempress in her new outfit the Baroness in distraction mode. Poison and Billy from Lemanaya, an evil amazon from from Sega's Golden Axe Martha (from the Combatribes video game) Mizuki from Capcom's Punisher arcade game. 1960's TV Catwoman.
Linda, the Shadow Warriors' bad girl from Technos' arcade game, Double Dragon II. Linda, the Shadow Warriors' bad girl from Technos' arcade game, Double Dragon. Pac-Man Harley Quinn armed with a big ol' mallet and ready for fun. Electra, a villainess from the Streets of Rage series Gypsy Moth The Viper in her 1980's outfit. Nightshade (Dr. Nightshade) from Marvel Comics
Linda from the classic Double Dragon arcade and NES game The Dark Queen from Tradewest's Battletoads games. the Baroness in Black and White Martha (from the Combatribes video game) The Dark Queen from Tradewest's Battletoads games. the Cobra Sub Commander from the Sunbow/Marvel Cartoon Hastily-drawn Star Sapphire pic. Old test pic of the Baroness
the Baroness Catwoman captured by... the Baroness Villains group shot including Dr. Doom, Megatron, the Juggernaut and the Taskmaster. Anna Williams in her Tekken 2 gear Batman, the Hulk, the Baroness, Nutroll, Two.P and J, Pit Pat and the Punisher (sort of) Comic book catfight! Evil Scanner! Beans vs. Cornbread! Enemies from Capcom's Final Fight including Sodom and Rolento.