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Baroness (G.I.JOE) - 2009
Artwork by James Beaver

I was having a VERY bad art day when I drew this. Everything I drew either went wrong slowly or quickly as I worked on it. I even tried drawing different characters on my 'art redemption' list where I tried redrawing old pics to be better. I decided to try drawing the Baroness but I couldn't find the notebook I'd done a small sketch in. I found a picture that my friend Edgefind took where the book just happened to be opened to that page. I toned down the pose a lot (out of stupidity) and drew Try 1 as seen below and didn't notice how boring it was until I was almost done inking it. I tried it again with more OOMPH to the leg pose but I didn't even get to the arms before quitting. I drew it one more time by lightbox tracing different parts from both with brand-new bits merged in. That version didn't work for me (even though I posted it) so I redrew it soon after that. When I finally got around to coloring it a few months later, I redrew the head... again. I didn't draw the glasses so I could modify the head later with the alternate versions. I didn't ink the outfit with the usual dark, shiny material because I planned on doing some color variants that wouldn't need that look like the Crimson Strike Team version.
Alternate Versions:
Crimson Strike Team Flat color Try 1 - mostly inked. Try 2 - pencils only. Try 3 - fuly inked but substandard Try 4 - before digital fixes Try 4 - after digital fixes
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