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hero tag gallery page 2
Maceo feels the love as only he can. Nutroll's 2012 character profile artwork 2012 Illmosis network promotional flyer. Sprites of giant characters Scratch-made sprites of Tekken series characters Sprite of Link from Legend of Zelda series of games by Nintendo Twofold vs. Field Captain General Kozhezub (Graphite STALKER's character) FIghting game-style sprites of Nutroll
Longway demonstrating his main super power Sprites based on Robin from DC Comics Elevator Action Deluxe scratch-made sprites Lego Batman running as fast as a minifig can. Green Lantern Corps sprites made from a scratch-made thin male sprite base. Martian Manhunter flying stoically as he's known to do. Pocky/Manuke pixel art in the Capcom fighting game scale Bomberman pixel art in the Capcom fighting game scale
Captain America runs into the fray Peter Pepper from Burgertime Secret Awesome President: Remain 2011 promotional flyer in classic Hip-Hop party style. M-Wave 2010 profile pic and redesign Green Lantern - Kilowog Nutroll steps out of the cover for Illmosis Scrapbook #1 Almighty Grandmaster Wizard displays his Microphone Technique
Maceo being as cool as only Maceo can be. Petey Panels in morning mission mode. the Thing - Sprite pixelart Bomberman from the classic series of video games by Husdon. Radd Spencer from Bionic Commando (NES version) Mario Mario Sheriff Warner in morning mission mode.
Sean Chan from my Twofold comic Secret Awesome President drawn in my comic book style Secret Awesome President: I want you to be awesome Mario Gilius Thunderhead sprites made from scratch. Lord J from Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran in pixel art form. Ryan from the Technos underground classic NES game, River City Ransom. Alex from the Technos underground classic NES game, River City Ransom.
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